Web Services

We design and develop website, register and host domain, website and email accounts with free SEO support

Website Development

We can design and develop basic static website to dynamic website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. We can also develop using the Content Management Systems.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name is a unique identifier that identifies your business in the internet. We can help register and host any types of domain including .com.pg, .org.pg and .net.pg or .ac.pg. It is easy and straight forward.

Website Hosting

If you lack knowledge and skills to host your website, we can help to host the website on your behalf. We use cloud services with 99% up time guarantee, free back-up, web security and maintenance.

Email Services

if you need official email address for your groups, organization or small business, we can assist by providing email services using reliable email clients including Office 365. Our email service comes with free website and billed PGK30 + tax per month

SEO and Marketing

If you want your business to gain or increase public relations, we can assist with SEO, Marketing and Social Media integration. Our SEO support will rank your website high. Our SEO and Marketing is free once you register for our domain or website service

Website Upgrade/Makeover

If your website is outdated and need modification, or if you need and upgrade to your existing website. We can do the upgrade or makeover at lowest price rate at PGK120 per hour. Simply gives us the scope of work and time frame.