Training Services

We provide one-on-one or group training in Basic Computing, MS Excel, MS Access and Analytics

Basic Computer Training

We provide basic computer literacy training to individual or groups willing to learn to use computers and other technology. The modules include Operation Systems, Software Management, Networking, Security and hardware.

Microsoft Excel Training

Do you need someone with strong data analysis skills to analyse and interpret your data? Then we can provide you the solution. We can provide you the basic skills and knowledge to use Excel in your workplace.

Microsoft Access Training

We provide training for Microsoft Access database based on your requirements. We can produce best result at PGK120 per hour to teach you how to create database and manage data using access.

Data Analysis

If you lack basic skills in analysing data using Excel, PowerBi or SPPS, we can provide you with basic refresher training to help you improve your skills to analyse data and produce best dashboard reports.

Web Technology

We can provide training in web technologies. These include website design, management, email and social media management, including analysing web data.


We can design any forms of research and survey tools (both cloud base) or offline to help you collect data from different ranges of fields. It is only PGK120 per hour and depend on client need.